Sono un alpinista, un viaggiatore, un fotografo, una persona innamorata del mondo, della natura e delle montagne; diventare Guida Alpina è stata una conseguenza naturale, solo un altro passo avanti....

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Ski touring and freeride in Monte Rosa Group

Two and half days for 800 mt. up and 8.500 mt. skiing down: that’s what happened and what we called Monte Rosa Xpress. From Friday afternoon to Sunday we had a great skiing on the Monte Rosa glaciers moving from…

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A steep skiing day in the Dolomites

If you know the way, you’ll always find something to ski. This is what you need to have in your mind during a winter like this, with unusual warm temperatures and not too much snow. But …. One more time…

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Safety on Via Ferrata

Two days on the Dolomite’s Via Ferrata, to learn the technique, the gears, and the correct behavior. The Via Ferrata are the right approach to move from the hiking to something “ steeper” reaching the summit of a mountain along…

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